Healing Superfoods

Save yourself and the ones you love with the hidden healing powers of fruits & Vegetables. Critical information about the specific factors of the rise on illness and how to protect your health. Foods can repair your DNA, boost your immune system and improve your mental clarity. Lets take the pledge together to alkalize every body system and shield yourself from others negative emotions.

The New You

Discover how you can look and feel better by choosing "Super Foods" that burst with powerful nutrients and even taste great. Super foods can help reduce physical signs of aging and lower the risks of illness such as heart disease, cancer, and stroke. We have hundreds of yummy recipes and snacks for all different taste buds - kids, vegans, gluten free intolerant and many more, all while keeping in mind a healthy diet and feeling younger every day.

Our secret Ingredients

We aren't keeping our favorite things a secret, our blog is focused on sharing our personal, and favorite products that we will use every day. We want to make cooking and eating as easy and beautiful as it can be for you and your family! So make sure to always check out our latest products tab for discount and promo codes for the greatest products that we love and hope you do too!


Hello our fellow foodies!
Our mission here at "The Basic House Wife" is to create and share the science behind an effective lifestyle to pull out your inner beauty and help you to feel good inside and out. You’ve all heard it, try this diet, use this product, go without, eat more of this, etc. we have researched and found the science behind confident and beautiful women comes from within. "The Basic House Wife" was designed for YOU. Not just one type of body style or age. It caters to all stages of your life. Wether you are an empty nester and have time to cook big meals enjoying the quieter times, or you’re just squeezing in 5 minute meals for kids in between car pooling everyone from school to soccer games. Our motto "good food equals a good mood" was selected for a specific reason. You are most confident and beautiful when you feel good. Plain and simple. So let’s all go on this journey together healing and helping women improve not only their health but becoming their most beautiful selves and taking along their love ones while enjoying a better and simpler way of life. Make sure to check out our "blog" page to figure out our not so "secret" discoveries. Feel free to comment with questions or ideas!